In this major, students learn about all aspects of ancient Mediterranean civilizations and the heritage that they have left us today. Stewardship of our heritage is a major concern of modern archeology and our program recognizes this through a component in Cultural Heritage Management.

Recognizing the current importance of popular history and archeology the program has expanded program offerings to include courses in film and media for students contemplating this career path.


The AUR B.A. Archeology and Classics program offer students the unique opportunity to combine the study of Archeology with Classics at the center of history, Caput Mundi, the City of Rome.

Drawing upon a wide range of high-level academic and practical skills students will undertake a thorough and true liberal arts education with a specific focus upon preparation for the international workplace. In addition to traditional courses in Ancient History and Classics students have the possibility to excavate on major archeological sites, explore the ethical concerns of preservation and restoration and understand the management and marketing of the heritage recovered.

Students are encouraged to participate in archeological field-work opportunities, arranged by the University, which provide an outstanding foundation in archeological techniques as well as the opportunity to develop teamwork skills in a multicultural environment with international collaborators.

Students can choose to follow a traditional Liberal Arts program in Archeology and Classics or to combine this with either a focus on Cultural Heritage or Screen Media. The focus on Cultural Heritage will help prepare students for a career in arts or heritage management. The focus on Screen Media combines the critical thinking skills of a Liberal Arts degree with a preparation in the media skills required for journalistic, television or documentary work.