The AUR Business Club is the oldest club on campus, and a magnet for the most active and entrepreneurial of the Business majors and minors.  Its mission is three-fold: social (have fun with like-minded students), functional (learn about business) and service (give back to the AUR community).  By concession granted by the University president in 2004, the Biz Club runs the University’s apparel merchandising business, with fiscal and fiduciary responsibility for what has become a hugely successful business.  The BizClub gives members experience in managing the marketing, product development, supplier relations, forecasting, inventory and sales of a real business, helps them build leadership and teamwork skills, and, importantly, gives AUR students the opportunity to “wear their colors.”   The Club’s two-day sales take place once a month at their “shop” in the Garden Shed.

The Club is a driver of student life at AUR, bringing Business students, as well as students from other majors, together for periodic social events (year-end retreat & BBQ, Business Etiquette Seminar/Dinner, New Student Aperitivo, field trips), as well as organizing campus wide events such as the recent fourth edition of the Annual AUR Apparel Fashion Show and BBQ and the Fall excursion to the Marino Wine Festival.   The proceeds from merchandise sales are invested in Club activities and, in keeping with the service aspect of the Club’s mission, in giving back to the AUR community.  Recent BizClub gifts to the University include financing the installation of heaters in the AUR courtyard, purchase and installation of four electronic notice boards around campus, and the underwriting of tutoring services in the areas of Economics and Accounting. 

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Advisor: Prof Kathleen Fitzsimmons