Ph.D. in Economic Geography, University of Bari, Italy
D.E.S.S. – Diplôme d’études supérieures spécialisées “Conseil aux collectivités territoriales en matière de politique de développement et de politique de l’environnement” (Master Degree in Local Development), University of Paris XIII, France
Laurea Degree in Economics, University LUISS Guido Carli, Rome, Italy


With a major in Economics,  Dr. Staniscia specialized in Local Development and Economic Geography. Her main interests include human mobility - tourism and migration - and their spatial impacts and implications in terms of regional development. She has been active in the international academic environment for many years, being involved in several international research projects and is currently serving as the Scientific Secretary of the IGU (International Geographical Union) Commission on ‘Global Change and Human Mobility’. 

Dr. Staniscia is a Research Professor at Sapienza University of Rome, Department of European, American and Intercultural Studies where she teach Tourism Geography. 

In the last three years, Dr. Staniscia has been a member of the research and coordination team of the Project on "Youth mobility: maximising opportunities for individuals, labour markets and regions in Europe" - YMOBILITY (H2020-YOUNG-SOCIETY-2014, Grant Agreement n. 649491) and of the research team of the project on “Brain drain or brain gain? Skilled migration from Southern Europe to the new emerging Mexican cities”, coordinated by the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana-Iztapalapa, Mexico City. 

She has also been a member of the research teams of the EU funded projects SECOA (2009-2013), TIGER (2010-2012), PLACE (2008-2010), EQUAL II-Celine (2005-2008), SELMA (2002-2006), ESPON 1.1.4 (2003-2005), MIRE (2002), and of the national projects on “Human mobility and urban policies” (URBAN Programme) (2006), PRIN 2008 ‘Migrations and processes of intercultural interaction. Forms of integration and spatial organization in some Italian regions’ (2010-2012), PRIN 2004 “Local development: space, actors, projects. International comparisons” (2004-2006), PRIN 2002 “Tourism and growth: local factors and spatial competitiveness” (2002-2004). 

Dr. Staniscia has developed researches concerning urban dynamics and local development, spatial effects of EU policies, rural development and geography of taste, environmental conflicts, tourism and migration.

Academic Publications & Appearances

Books, theses & other major publications

  • Montanari A. and Staniscia B. (2017) “Young Italians on the move”, in Glorius B. and Domínguez-Mujica J. (eds), European Mobility in Times of Crisis. The new context of European South-North Migration, transcript, Bielefeld, pp. 49-73.
  • Montanari, A. and Staniscia, B. (2016) “Human mobility. An issue of multidisciplinary research”, in Domínguez-Mujica J. (ed), Global Change and Human Mobility, Springer, Singapore, DOI 10.1007/978-981-10-0050-8_1, pp 1-23.
  • Montanari, A. and Staniscia, B. (2014) “Europe and its territories in global human flows”, in Pain, K. And Van Hamme, G. (eds), Changing Urban and Regional Relations in a Globalizing World: Europe as a Global Macro-Region, Edward Elgar, pp. 78-99.
  • Di Zio, S. and Staniscia, B. (2014) “Citizen participation and awareness raising in coastal protected areas. A case study from Italy” in Montanari, A. (ed), Mitigating conflicts in coastal areas through science dissemination: fostering dialogue between researchers and stakeholders, Sapienza Università Editrice, Rome, pp. 155-196.
  • Montanari, A. and Staniscia, B. (2012) “Italy: human mobility, urban changes, environmental conflicts”, in Williams A. (ed), Human Mobility in Coastal Regions: the Impact of Migration and Temporary Mobilities on Urbanization, Sapienza University Press on line, Rome, pp. 189-258.
  • Montanari, A., Costa, N. e Staniscia, B. (2008), Geografia del gusto. Scenari per l’Abruzzo (Geography of Taste. Scenarios for Abruzzo), Menabò, Ortona
  • Staniscia, B. (2008) “Teoria e metodo” (Theory and Methodology), in Montanari, A., Turismo urbano. Tra identità locale e cultura globale (Urban tourism. Between local identity and global culture), Bruno Mondadori, Milan, pp. 1-36

Peer reviewed articles

  • Pumares P., González-Martin B, Montanari A. and Staniscia B. (2017) “Reciprocal Youth Mobilities between Italy and Spain: A Question of Elective Affinities”, Population, Space and Place,
  • Staniscia B. (2017) “質の良い地域産品、新しいライフスタイル、エノガストロノミーア・ツーリズム ― アドリア海沿岸のいくつかの州におけるオルタナティヴな発展についての考察” (Quality food products, new lifestyles and enogastronomic tourism. Some thoughts on alternative development paths in Adriatic regions), Nichi-I Bunka Kenkyu (Italian-Japanese Cultural Studies), vol. LV, pp. 78-90.
  • Montanari, A., Londei, A. and Staniscia, B. (2014) “Can we interpret the evolution of coastal land use conflicts? Using Artificial Neural Networks to model the effects of alternative development policies”, Ocean & Coastal Management, 101, pp. 114-122
  • Staniscia, B. (2012) “Mobility of students and attractiveness of universities. The case of Sapienza University of Rome”, International Review of Sociology, vol. 22, n. 2, July, pp. 245-258.
  • Di Zio, S., Montanari, A. and Staniscia, B. (2010) “Simulation of urban development in the city of Rome. Framework, methodology, problem solving”, Journal of Transport and Land Use, vol. 3, n. 2, pp 85-105.
  • Montanari, A. e Staniscia, B. (2010) “Rome: a difficult path between tourist pressure and sustainable development”, Rivista di Scienze del Turismo, vol 1, n 2, pp. 301-316.
  • Montanari, A. and Staniscia, B. (2009) “Culinary tourism as a tool for regional re-equilibrium”, European Planning Studies, vol. 17, n. 10, pp. 1463-1483.

Conference Papers

  • EUGEO Congress – Bruxelles (Belgium), September 2017: Presented paper (with Federico Benassi, Raffaele Ferrara, Gerardo Gallo): International youth mobility and regional development. Some evidence from Italy
  • IMISCOE Congress – Rotterdam (Netherlands), June 2017: Presented paper: Italian youth mobility torn between quest for opportunities and family ties
  • Italian Geographical Congress – Rome (Italy), June 2017: Presented paper: International mobility of highly-skilled young Italians. Determinants, experiences, future plans
  • IGU Commission on "Global Change and Human Mobility” – IGU Congress – Beijing (China), August 2016: Presented paper (with Gerardo Gallo – ISTAT): Italian youth mobility in the last two decades: an overview in eight selected countries
  • EUGEO Congress – Budapest (Hungary), September 2015: Presented paper (with Armando Montanari): Young Italians on the move: who they are, why they move, where they go
  • IGU Commission on "Global Change and Human Mobility” – IGU Regional Conference – Kyoto (Japan), August 2013: Presented paper (with Armando Montanari, Luca Deravignone and Alessandro Londei): Life cycle, migratory choices, and urban structures: the case of Rome metropolitan area in Italy
  • Royal Geographical Society Conference on “The Geographical Imagination” – London (UK), August 2011: Presented paper (with Armando Montanari): Conflicts, human mobility and urban changes in the Rome coastal area: before and after the global economic crisis.

Teaching/research experience

  • Sapienza University of Rome
    Research Professor in Tourism Geography
    03/2016 - present
  • Sapienza University of Rome
    Researcher and lecturer in Tourism Geography
    03/2009 - 12/2011
  • Sapienza University of Rome
    Researcher and lecturer in Geography
    03/2008 - 12/2008