PhD in Digital Mapping and Soil Science, University of Akdeniz – Antalya, Turkey
M.Sc. in Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Middle East Technical University (METU) –Ankara, Turkey
BA in Urban and Regional Planning, Gazi University –Ankara, Turkey


Dr. Aksoy is currently working with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations  on crop productivity modelling, agro-ecological zoning (AEZ), building land-resource databases in various countries.     She has  been applying her advanced level of scientific knowledge  on different levels of GIS technologies for the last 20 years. She is an advanced user of GIS & Remote sensing software/tools (ArcGIS, QGIS, Google Earth Engine, ERDAS, etc.) and other relevant analytical software or programming languages (PostGIS, R and Python).    

Her professional experience includes working at different scales and countries  ( such as the European continent, the Mediterranean countries, Spain, Croatia, North Macedonia, Belarus, Tuyrkey, Laos PDR, Pakistan and United Arab Emirates) for different organizations like the  World Bank, the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, the European Topic Centre on Urban, Land and Soil of the European Environment Agency.

She has published several articles in peer-reviewed journals, books and technical reports.   

Major Publications

M.A. Jiménez-González, J.M. De la Rosa, E. Aksoy, S. Jeffery, B.R.F. Oliveira, F.G.A. Verheijen,, 2021. Spatial distribution of pyrogenic carbon in Iberian topsoils estimated by chemometric analysis of infrared spectra. Science of the Total Environment. October 2021

E. Aksoy, S. Keskin, C. Aktuz, F. Bozdemir, D. Muchoney, A.K. Ozbek, 2020. Mapping Anatolian Steppe Region and Ecosystem Types by Using Earth Observation and GIS. IV. International Eurasian Agriculture and Natural Sciences Congress Online – 2020. ISBN: 978-605-69010-2-7

Aksoy, E., Arsov, S., Mincev, I., Fang C. 2020. Agro-ecological atlas of the Republic of North Macedonia. Rome, FAO. ISBN 978-92-5-132122-5. 2020 

Aksoy, E., Gregor, M., Schröder, C., Löhnertz, M., and Louwagie, G.: Assessing and analysing the impact of land take pressures on arable land, Solid Earth, 8, 683-695, , June 2017.

Louwagie, G., Gregor, M.,Löhnertz, M., Aksoy, E., Schröder, C., and Orlitova, E. Impact of land take and soil sealing on biodiversity, In book: Urban Expansion, Land Cover and Soil Ecosystem Services, Chapter: Chapter 9, Publisher: Routledge- Taylor&Francis Group, Editors: Ciro Gardi. ISBN: 978-131750471-9;978-113888509-7, DOI: 10.4324/9781315715674. April 2017.

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Aksoy,E., Gardi, C., Louwagie, G., Schröder,C.& Gregor, M., (2015). Assessing soil biodiversity and soil biological activity in Europe. Proceedings of the 8th EUREGEO Conference, Barcelona, Spain, 15-17 June, 2015.

Aksoy,E.,Schröder,C., Fons,J., Gregor, M., &Louwagie, G., (2015). “Analysing the impact of urban pressures on agricultural land.” Proceedings of the EGU (European Geoscience Union) 2015. Vienna, Austria. April12-17, 2015.

Bampa, F., Aksoy, E., Rannveig, A.,, (2014). Soil Organic Carbon Preservation and Sequestration in European Agricultural Soils: An Overview. Managing Soils for Food Security and Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation, FAO.

Aksoy E, Panagos P, & Montanarella L.(2014). Soil organic carbon mapping by Geostatistics in Europe Scale. Proceedings of the AGU (American Geophysical Union) Fall Meeting, San Francisco, California, USA. December 9-13, 2013.

Toth, G., Gardi, C., Bodis, K., Ivits, E., Aksoy, E., Jones, A., Jeffrey, S., Petursdottir, T. & Montanarella, L. (2013). Continental-scale assessment of provisioning soil functions in Europe. Ecological Processes 2013, 2:32. Doi:10.1186/2192-1709-2-32.

Aksoy, E., Panagos, P., Montanarella, L., Jones, A., 2010, “Integration of the Soil Database of Turkey into European Soil Database 1:1.000.000 scale” JRC Scientific and Technical Report, EUR 24295 EN, ISBN: 978-92-79-15306-8, European Commission JRC, IES, Ispra, Italy, 2010

Aksoy, E. 2009, “Classifying Turkish District Data With K-Means and SOM Algorithms” Book, VDM Publication, ISBN: 978-3-639-13560-2 Germany, 2009

AUR Teaching Activity

GIS for Food and Agriculture Master’s Program in Food Studies

Expert Consultant in

Dr. Aksoy’s areas of research  and work experience include; Geographical Information Systems (GIS) & Remote Sensing, Urban-Rural & Regional Planning, Data management, Natural Resource Management, Ecosystem services, Digital Soil Mapping, and Agro-Ecological Zoning. She specialized on geospatial data analysis and Machine Learning (ML-AI) modelling algorithms; geo-statistics;  soil carbon modelling; analyzing and modelling of geospatial data; developing database by using GIS and RS technologies; agro-ecological zoning methods; agriculture production and crop modelling; emergency responses and disaster preparedness; sustainable land management and agriculture monitoring using Earth Observation techniques.