Adjunct Faculty
PhD in Science du Language, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales - Paris, France
PhD in Romance Languages, University of Gothenburg - Gothenburg, Sweden
D.E.A. Langues, littératures et civilisations: recherches transculturelles, Université de Paris VII Denis Diderot - Paris, France
MA in French Studies, Stockholm University - Stockholm, Sweden


Before joining the AUR, Dr. Karin Dahl worked for the Intercultural Development Research Institute, IDRI, which is based in Milan and Oregon. The IDRI organizes courses for advanced interculturalists all over the world, and promotes constructivist research within the intercultural communication field.
Dr. Dahl has been a Research fellow at the Swedish Institute in Rome for many years. Her research is focused on intercultural encounters. With a background from the literary and linguistic field of Translation and Reception Studies, she has worked on the reception of translated literature, with a particular interest for national perceptions and stereotypes through literature. For instance, her doctoral thesis (also published as a book, Paris 2010) within Sociology of Literature, is about the reception of the Swedish author Stig Dagerman in France and in Italy. It analyses the mythmaking of a foreign author, and the stereotypical readings of Scandinavia. Whilst the relation between media and society continues to be one of her teaching interests, recently her research is focused on intercultural communication – such as diversity in the workplace, the characteristics and challenges in the encounter between particularly Nordic and Latin cultures, as well as language’s role in culture. In addition, Dr. Dahl does intercultural training, consulting, and coaching.