This was not a decision taken lightly and it will mean that certain changes to our standard Semester have to be made. However, this was a decision taken with the well-being and amenity of our students uppermost in mind.

The Fall Semester will now run from September 21, 2020  to December 14, 2020 with Arrivals Week activities beginning on September 17, 2020.
This will mean 11-weeks continuous teaching and one week of exams, plus one make-up day.

Of course, we all fervently hope that, by September, the Covid-19 health crisis is over, that international borders and travel have returned to normal, and that we can all resume our usual (and much missed) way of life. But, by taking this decision now, AUR believes we are giving ourselves and our students the best chance of seeing that vision become reality. 

There are various benefits to taking this action, besides having an extra two weeks for the world to return to normal. Firstly, and most importantly perhaps for American and other non-European students, taking this action will shorten our semester to 90 days. A 90-day semester means that for most, certainly for US citizens, you will not require a visa to attend university in Italy for this semester. Obtaining a visa to study with us has always required a certain timeline (and a certain amount of bureaucracy). By removing this barrier, we hope to allow students a little more time to make decisions on travel and to remove a little of the onerous paperwork that comes with studying overseas. This applies equally to potential resident four-year students (although they will have to get a visa at some point to continue after this semester!) and those who are considering Study Abroad with us this Fall.

Secondly, there are a good number of current AUR students who have remained in Rome throughout the crisis and who may or may not be taking summer programs with us. Again, we are hopeful that the crisis will be in abatement by late summer and that those students will be able to take the extra time allowed by the late start to visit their families and loved ones outside Italy.

Finally, on a somewhat more sombre but realistic note, while the health crisis might well be past its peak, both in Italy and elsewhere, it is likely that many countries will still insist upon overseas arrivals undertaking a 14-day isolated quarantine period. The late Fall start will allow new arrivals to Rome to undergo this without missing any classes.

As a happy side-note, the reduced Semester will also mean some real financial savings for students in terms of housing and living costs.

By taking this decision now we aim to give all students as much time as we can to take decisions, make plans, and understand what’s happening at AUR.
If you have any questions or concerns about decision, please email

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