Visiting professor
PhD, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois
M.A. Anthropology, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois
BA Indiana University, Bloomington


Dr. Laurie Rush is an Anthropologist and Archaeologist who has served as a US Army civilian for sixteen years managing Cultural Resources at Fort Drum, NY.  She has a BA from Indiana University Bloomington, an MA and PhD from Northwestern University, and is a Fellow of the National Science Foundation and of the American Academy in Rome.  Dr. Rush’s research specialty is Native Americans of northeastern North America, and she serves as Native American Affairs Liaison for the 10th Mountain Division and Fort Drum.

Dr. Rush was military liaison for return of the Mesopotamian City of Ur to the Iraqi People in 2009, represented US Central Command at Environmental Shuras in Kabul in 2010 and analyzed cultural property protection lessons learned from the Iraq and Afghan conflicts for the US Central Command Environmental Program.  On behalf of CENTCOM she participated in key leader engagements across the Middle East including Jordanian partnership programs, Eagle Resolve and Bright Star exercises.  Dr. Rush just completed co-directing an international panel developing cultural property protection policy and doctrine for NATO.

As editor of “Archaeology, Cultural Property, and the Military,” co-author of “The Carabinieri TPC; Saving the World’s Heritage,” and author of numerous articles and book chapters, Dr. Rush is internationally recognized as a specialist concerning the importance of military education and operations planning for cultural property protection in crisis areas. Recently she has also been recognized by the media as a modern “Monuments Woman,” is featured in the new book, “Lives in Ruins” and is a Board Member of the US Committee of the Blue Shield.

Dr. Rush is:

  • a Fellow of the American Academy in Rome, 2011
  • a Smithsonian Research Associate
  • a University of Pennsylvania Consulting Scholar

Selected Publications and academic appearances

Books, theses & other major publications

  • Archaeology, Cultural Property and the Military, editor
  • The Carabinieri Command for the Protection of Cultural Property, Saving the World's Heritage with Dr. Luisa Benedettini Millington

Peer reviewed articles

  • Rush, Laurie 2015 ”Military Protection of Cultural Property,” In: Countering Illicit Traffic in Cultural Goods: The Global Challenge of Protecting the World’s Heritage, Paris: ICOM.
  • Rush, Laurie W. 2015 “Off Course? A Career in Archaeology Outside of the Academy,” Journal of Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology and Heritage Studies; Forum: Investing in the Future. State College, PA: Penn State University Press.
  • Rush, Laurie W. 2015 “Partnership vs Guns; Military Advocacy of Peaceful Approaches for Cultural Property Protection.” In: Gonzales, Alfredo, ed. Archaeology, ethics and conflict. The World Archaeology Congress Ethics Series. NYC: Springer.
  • Rush, Laurie W. 2013 “Protecting Cultural Property in Crisis Areas.” Predella, Art Journal of Pisa. To link to this article:
  • Rush, Laurie W. 2012 “Cultural Property Protection: The Critical Role of Partnership Between Academia and the Military,” In: Serenella Ensoli, ed., For the Preservation of the Cultural Heritage in Libya; a dialogue among institutions, Proceedings of Conference 1-2 July 2011, monumental complex of Belvedere, San Leucio, Caserta. Rome, Pisa: Fabrizio Serra Editore.
  • Rush, Laurie W. 2012 “Working with the Military to Protect Archaeological Sites and other Forms of Cultural Property.” Journal of World Archaeology. 44:3, 359-377.

Lecture by invitation

  • Fitch Symposium Lecturer, Columbia University
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • All Souls College, Oxford University
  • Mars to Minerva Symposium, Cambridge University
  • Saving Civilization, Harvard University
  • Archaeological Institute of America, Lectures

Media Appearances