In AUR’s Italian Studies Program, the traditional language and culture elements of the course can be complemented by a wide range of related courses such as Art History, International Relations, Film and Music. The interdisciplinary nature of the Program allows students to explore the intellectual connections between various fields of interest and study.

The Italian Studies Program focuses on both practical skills and theoretical understanding. Students reach a high level of Italian in all four disciplines of reading, writing, speaking and listening, while also gaining expert knowledge on Italy’s social, literary and cultural history. Researching and writing papers is a key element to the course and hones students’ skills in research, analysis and critical thinking, culminating in the senior thesis, which allows students to explore in-depth an area of their interest. 

Graduates who obtain the BA in Italian Studies are well-prepared for careers in administrative, professional or business positions in Italy or further afield. AUR prides itself on the way in which it instills within its students the ability and confidence to live and work in international settings with requisite intercultural skills, and the Italian Studies Program is particularly reflective of this.
AUR’s Italian Studies Program boasts a brilliant faculty with outstanding credentials, with professors from the United States, Italy and the United Kingdom bringing together their expertise in the language, literature, culture, history and politics of Italy to offer a multifaceted and vigorous program. The Department’s newest program is a minor in “The Italian Business Environment”, offered jointly with the Business Studies Department.

Learning in Other Settings

Faculty members in Italian Studies sponsor various activities to extend students’ learning of Italian language and culture. Outside of classes, a range of activities such as a program of Italian film screenings and lectures and conferences on Italian culture and society are offered to students and participated in with enthusiasm.

The outlook of “Rome is our classroom” is regularly put into practice, with visits to local markets and sites in which classes may practice their language skills in an organic environment – one of the prize elements of our Italian Studies Program.

Choosing AUR’s Program in Italian Studies

Students are attracted to our program because of our ideal location, expert faculty, interdisciplinary approach, intimacy of scale and the participatory style of teaching and learning we promote.