International Relations and Global Politics, Adjunct Faculty
BA in Moral Philosophy, Università degli Studi di Roma La Sapienza - Rome, Italy
MA in Early Modern European History, Columbia University - New York, USA
PhD in History of Moral Philosophy, Università di Bologna - Bologna, Italy


Prof. Branchi’s intellectual fields of interest cover a wide range of topics within philosophy, politics and history of ideas, in particular: Bernard Mandeville’s works (he has recently organized and coordinated an international symposium on Mandeville in Rome); 18th c. British moral philosophy; the history of the idea of self-love and self-interest; history of women; medicine, philosophy and literature in the Age of the Enlightenment; history of Atheism, military history and Italian history, culture and identity. Prof. Branchi has published two books (Storia della Scienza e della Tecnologia: Il secolo dei Lumi (Vol. 22 Iperlibri della Scienza), Firenze, DoGi, 1999; Introduzione a Mandeville, Laterza, 2004) and several scholarly articles and essays on moral and political philosophy, military history and history of ideas.  He has translated into Italian and edited Mandeville’s Enquiry into the Origin of Honour and the Usefulness of Christianity in War, London 1732 (Ricerca sull’origine dell’onore e sull’utilità del Cristianesimo in guerra, Firenze, La Nuova Italia 1998 – with the original text on the front page). Prof. Branchi also collaborates as a historical researcher, consultant, author and screenwriter with various Italian and international producers and broadcasters of historical documentaries and TV fictions with historical settings, and he has authored and written various historical documentaries and TV series, in particular for RAI Storia. He is the author and director of the documentary The Boys of the 51st Battallion (RAI Educational, 1×52’, 2011) on the battle of Monte Lungo and the role of ‘Resistenza Militare’ in the War of Liberation against Nazi-fascism.