Lecturer in Political Theory & Research Coordinator for M.A. Peace Studies
Ph.D. Political Philosophy, KU Leuven
M.Sc. Political Science, London School of Economics
Master’s Degree (Laurea specialistica) and BA (Laurea di Base) in Philosophy and History, University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’


Areas of Specialization

Political Theory, History of Political Thought, Political Philosophy


Academic publications


- A. Mulieri, Democrazia totalitaria, Forthcoming 2019, Donzelli.

Representative articles in peer-reviewed journals:

- A. Mulieri, ‘Machiavelli, Aristotle and the Scholastics. The Origins of Human Society and the Status of Prudence', forthcoming in Intellectual History Review.
- A. Mulieri, ‘Representation as a Political-Theological Concept: a Critique of Carl Schmitt’, 2018, Philosophy and Social Criticism, 44(5): 507-527.
- A. Mulieri, ‘Marsilius of Padua and Peter of Abano: the Scientific Foundations of Law-making in Defensor Pacis’, 2018, British journal for the History of Philosophy, 26 (2): 276-296.
- A. Mulieri, ‘Marsilius of Padua on Representation’, 2017, History of Political Thought, 38(4): 623-643.
- A. Mulieri, ‘Hasso Hofmann and the Polysemy of Representation’, 2016, Redescriptions: Political Thought, Conceptual History and Feminist Theory, 19(2): 127-145.
- A. Mulieri, ‘Debating Representative Democracy’, (ed. with Carlo Invernizzi Accetti), Critical exchange on Nadia Urbinati’s book ‘Democracy Disfigured’ (with Yves Sintomer, Hubertus Buchstein, Dario Castiglione, Lisa Disch, Jason Frank), May 2016, Contemporary Political Theory, 15(2): 205-242.
- A. Mulieri, ‘Beyond Democratic Legitimacy? A Critical Assessment of Constructivist Representation in the Global Arena, 2013, Representation, 49(4): 515-527.
- A. Mulieri, ‘Governance and Democratic Legitimacy: Any Challenges Ahead?’, with Haye Hazenberg, 2012, Innovation, European Journal of Social Sciences, 26(3): 302-318, 2013.
- A. Mulieri, 'Liberalism against Democracy: A Comparative Analysis of the Concepts of Totalitarian Democracy and Positive Liberty in Jacob Talmon and Isaiah Berlin', 2012, History of European Ideas, 39(3): 449-466. 

Contributions to edited volumes/book chapters

- A. Mulieri, Alcune riflessioni su Isaiah Berlin lettore di Leo Strauss, in 'Etica, fenomenologia e psicoanalisi. Omaggio a Francesco Saverio Trincia, Morcelliana, 2018, pp. 199-208.
- A. Mulieri, ‘Exploring the Semantics of Constructivist Representation’, in The Constructivist Representation in Political Representation, edited by Nadia Urbinati, Lisa Disch and Mathijs van de Sande for Edinburgh University Press, 2019, pp. 205-223.
- A. Mulieri, ‘Can we Democratize Global Governance? Two Scenarios Based on a Narrative Approach’, in Global Governance and Democracy. A Multidisciplinary Analysis (ed. by Wouters J., Becault E., Braeckman A., Lievens M.), Edward Elgar Publishing, 2015 pp. 15-36.
- A. Mulieri, ‘Re-conceptualizing the Challenges of Democratic Theory in Global Governance Discourses’ (co-authored with Antoon Braeckman and Tim Heysse), Global Governance and Democracy. A Multidisciplinary Analysis (ed. by Wouters J., Becault E., Braeckman A., Lievens M.), Edward Elgar Publishing, 2015 pp. 226-248.