AUR is an American-style university offering Bachelor (B.A. and B.Sc.) degrees in

Archeology & Classics
Art History
Business Administration
English Writing, Literature & Publishing
  Film and Digital Media
Fine Arts
Interdisciplinary Studies
International Relations and Global Politics
Italian Studies
Travel and Tourism Management

We also offer Associate degrees in International Business and Liberal Studies. Minors and concentra­tions are available to students who wish to extend their knowledge and skills in specific areas of study.

and Masters (M.A.) degrees in 

Arts Management

Food Studies

Peace Studies

Sustainable Cultural Heritage

How the American undergraduate system works 

The American system at AUR is based on individual courses, sometimes called classes. They generally meet three hours per week for a 15-week period, referred to as a semester, or the equivalent. When the course is completed, the student receives three credits. One hundred twenty (120) credits are needed to obtain a Bachelor’s degree. This usually means 40 courses, five each semester, or 10 per academic year, over four years. Some students start with advanced standing because their high-school education includes the Maturitá, the German Abitur, the French Baccalaureate, A-levels, International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement (AP) courses or similar rigorous studies. With these you can earn a Bachelor’s degree with fewer AUR credits.

The credit structure of the Bachelor degree consists of three components: General Education, the Major and Electives, as follows; 

The AUR Bachelor’s Degree - 120 credits 

  • General Education - 37-40 credits
  • Major - 36-51 credits 
  • Electives - 29-47 credits 

The Academic Calendar Year 

The University uses a traditional American-style calendar. The year is split into two major teaching cycles (Semesters) of around 15 weeks each.

The Fall Semester typically begins around September 1 and concludes in mid-December.
The Spring Semester begins around January 20 and concludes in mid-May.  

Optional short sessions are offered in Winter and Summer.