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John Ochsendorf
Director of the American Academy in Rome
Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

7 Mar 2018, 19:00
Via Pietro Roselli, 16
7 Mar 2018, 12:30
Via Pietro Roselli, 16

Michelle Hobart’s new book is a major contribution to both Sardinian and Mediterranean history.

28 Feb 2018, 19:00
Via Michelangelo Caetani, 32
20 Feb 2018, 19:00
Via Pietro Roselli, 16

International law expert Maria Beatrice Deli will discuss the UN Sustainability Goals and the related challenges facing businesses in the future, as part of the Spring Business Lecture S

19 Feb 2018, 19:00
Via Pietro Roselli, 16

A presentation of the European Union and its evolution, in terms of history, power, structure, and institutions. The nature and uniqueness of the European Integration process is fascinating and complex at the same time. This evening lecture will help to shed some light on these complexities.

7 Feb 2018, 19:00
Via Pietro Roselli, 16

Underwater sites are among the most challenging environments for archaeologists and cultural heritage managers.

6 Feb 2018, 19:00
Via Pietro Roselli, 16

Colin SageIn his talk entitled The global food system, nitrogen and the metabolic rift: Farming - and eating -within planetary boundaries, Prof.

30 Jan 2018, 16:00
Via della Navicella, 12

The American University of Rome is pleased to announce a partnership with Umanism and 369 Gradi to help bring the

14 Dec 2017, 18:30
Via Giacinto Carini, 78

Esquiline: Story of a Hill
Exhibition by cultural heritage students.

7 Dec 2017, 18:30
Via Pietro Roselli, 16