Storytelling is much more than lowbrow entertainment or highbrow literature. Our entire social world revolves around storytelling, and we have become more and more aware of this strange fact not only in the arts, but also in economics, politics, and daily life. We tell stories about products (marketing and advertising), the state or future of the countries where we live (elections, speeches, legislation, supreme court decisions), peace and conflict (civilizations and their discontents, negotiations, press conferences), the past and the present (history, news, memoirs), and even ourselves and other people (Facebook, resumes, twitter, opinion polls).

Great writers have always been secretly motivated by the belief that there must be a special relation between narrative and the real; otherwise, why bother to write? For the English Writing, Literature and Publishing major, that special relation will no longer be a secret.

The English Writing, Literature and Publishing program explores the interdependent relationship between writing, publishing, and the study of literature. In the English Writing, Literature and Publishing program all three aspects come together to help students  find their voice, refine their talent, and gain the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the world of writing and publishing. We have a focus on writing and literature, so students can go on to pursue graduate work in literature or an MFA in writing, and they are also taught web design and technological skills to be competitive in the world of journalism and magazine publishing. For students who want to write, we have a creative writing track that allows them to pursue their literary talents, as well as their journalistic talents. The senior capstone project can be creative: poetry, short fiction, drama, memoir, travel writing, a series of linked short essays; or a scholarly thesis.

"Taking writing classes at AUR helped me forge strong writing skills, on which I am relying every day as an assistant producer. There I discovered that writing is not only a matter of style but that good ideas are central to good work. The classes - taught by brilliant faculty members who are writers themselves – gave me the opportunity to strengthen my writing process as I have learnt to develop and synthesize my thoughts in an organized fashion while exploiting my creative potential."- Laura Shan class of 2015.

 Our majors have done everything from publishing a novel right out of college, to working for publishers of travel books and major newspapers, such as the The New York Times, to writing and blogging for and small start ups and online magazines, and working in public relations.



"AUR provided me with a strong base for critical thinking and theoretical application across a variety of mediums. This was coupled with technical lessons on how to develop concepts and write everything from screen plays, short stories, news articles, and essays. These lessons have proved invaluable in my continued education and work in knowledge management and communications with the World Food Programme. Upon arrival for my first position I found myself well equipped to learn and produce written materials with new subject matter and industry- and project-specific guidelines." - Chelsea Graham, class of 2012.