Students have the opportunity to gain expertise in a variety of media and communication areas by completing specific core courses and then selecting a specific concentration of courses to focus on, either i) Intercultural Communication Studies or ii) Writing for the Media. Students have the option of not choosing a specific concentration and to follow a general Communication curriculum designed in consultation with their advisor.

The aim of the curriculum is to prepare students, through a progression of both theoretical and practical courses, for international careers in any of the above specializations. Graduates with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication may go on to graduate studies, or pursue careers in both the public and private sectors of employment: private industries, multinational corporations; nongovernmental, federal and international agencies; the news media or film and television industries.

Our Program blends practical skills with essential communication and cultural theory, literary history, and principles of narrative and story-telling to give students the opportunity to pursue specialized areas of interest, such as journalism, writing for various media, mass communications, and intercultural communication.

The BA in Communication trains students in the liberal arts tradition to think creatively and critically about the ways in which global citizens communicate and create meaning. We provide students with a thorough knowledge of the theories and practices within the field of communication and equip them with the analytical tools and practical experience to understand and to participate in an international and rapidly changing field.

Students have the flexibility to choose the concentration in Intercultural Communication Studies or in Writing for the Media or they may create their own focus from the range of courses offered by the department