As a senior Business major with a concentration in Finance, interning at Wandrian, a company dedicated to revolutionizing the travel experience through innovative tour and transportation solutions, provided me with a unique blend of challenges and learning opportunities. My internship experience was multifaceted, engaging me in tasks that honed my business and finance skills and deepened my understanding of the global travel industry.


1. Secret Shopper Experience

One of the most enlightening tasks was acting as a "secret shopper." I embarked on one of Wandrian's meticulously curated tours, tasked with analyzing every aspect of the customer experience. Every element was scrutinized from the moment I was greeted by senior staff, through the tour led by a knowledgeable and charismatic guide, to observing and interacting with fellow travelers. This experience offered me a holistic view of the service delivery process, enabling me to provide actionable feedback aimed at enhancing the overall customer experience. My analysis focused on several key areas: the tour’s organization’s efficiency, the guide’s informational depth, and the staffs' responsiveness to customer needs and inquiries. The insights gathered were then compiled into a comprehensive report, offering both commendations for strengths and recommendations for areas of improvement.


2. Check-In Clerk Duties

Another significant aspect of my internship involved working as a check-in clerk for tours departing from Rome. This role put me at the forefront of customer service, where I ensured a smooth and welcoming check-in process for travelers. My responsibilities included verifying bookings, providing tour participants with essential information, and addressing any last-minute concerns or questions. This role was pivotal in setting the tone for the customer experience and emphasized the importance of attention to detail and the ability to manage multiple tasks efficiently. This experience also showcased my versatility and adaptability, as I was able to transition between different roles within the company seamlessly.


3. Global Customer Inquiries

Responding to inquiries from global customers was a task that highlighted the importance of clear, effective communication and deepened my understanding of Wandrian's diverse clientele. Handling questions via email and phone, I addressed concerns, provided information on tours and services, and assisted with booking processes. This role required a thorough knowledge of Wandrian's offerings, as well as sensitivity to cultural differences and the ability to tailor communication styles to suit various customer needs.


4. Research on ItaliaRail Ticket Offers

A project that combined my business acumen with my research skills involved analyzing ItaliaRail ticket offers and combinations that would best serve Wandrian's customer base for their holidays in Italy. This task entailed a comprehensive market analysis to identify ticket packages that offered both value and convenience to travelers, aligning with Wandrian's mission to provide seamless and enriching travel experiences. My findings were used to recommend strategic partnerships and package deals that could enhance Wandrian's service offerings and attract a broader clientele.


In conclusion, my internship at Wandrian was invaluable to my academic and professional journey. It allowed me to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios, develop a deeper understanding of the global travel industry, and refine my business, finance, and customer service skills. The experience has not only solidified my interest but also ignited a passion for pursuing a career in the travel and tourism sector. I am now armed with a clearer vision of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, and I am more committed than ever to making a meaningful contribution to this industry.