Since 1969, the American University of Rome has provided an American liberal arts education to students from all over the world seeking a unique educational experience. It is the oldest American degree-granting institution in Rome.

A defining aspect of the programs taught at AUR is its combination of theoretical understanding and practical experience. All courses are supplemented by regular field trips in Italy and Europe, with abundant opportunities to gain work experience through internships.

With a relatively small student body of just over 500 undergraduate and postgraduate students, classes have a low student to staff ratio, creating an intimate learning environment and engendering in-depth discussions in the classroom.​

The American University of Rome is home to a highly diverse student body representing over 60 countries on campus and 28 native languages are spoken amongst our faculty and students.

In reflection of this eclectic campus, our professors respect and draw from different points of view, ideas, and real-world experiences, enriching the dialogue within the classroom. 

Rome is our classroom. Professors frequently complement their lessons with on-site visits around the city, guiding students through the richly layered experience that is the Eternal City and highlighting its global context throughout the ages. 

Rome’s beauty quickly overtakes all who enter its ancient walls. A walk or bus ride through even the most commonplace quarters of the city yields encounters with innumerable monuments, towering pillars, and major imperial buildings that still stand imposingly just as they have for over 2,000 years!

For the majority of our students, Rome is already ‘studying abroad’. However, we believe that the opportunity to study in another institution & another country will broaden and deepen your educational experience. AUR offers study abroad options around the globe from Japan to Germany, Madrid to Cairo, and all stops in between.

AUR prepares you to live and work across cultures as skilled and knowledgeable citizens of an interconnected and ever-changing world through its practical interdisciplinary academic majors, opportunities for learning through travel and internships, and its multi-cultural student body, faculty, and staff.