Italian Helpdesk

The Italian Help Desk is designed to offer individual help for students enrolled in Italian language courses at AUR. Drop-in sessions are held throughout the semester.

Math Helpdesk

Math Helpdesk is organized to give students additional help related to mathematics courses. Drop-in sessions are held throughout the semester.

Writing Center

The Writing Center is designed to help students develop their academic writing skills, and to provide assistance with writing assignments at all levels. For appointments, access our Online Booking service. Drop-in conferences are offered depending on availability.

You can find some great information on The Writing Center and on essay writing here.

Online Booking at

Library Research Skills Workshops

Library Research Skills workshops assist students in developing information literacy skills and are held throughout the semester.

Career Development and Placement Workshops

Career Development and Placement workshops and drop-in sessions are held throughout the semester. A placement officer assists with career development seminars and identifies placement opportunities.
For career opportunities, also visit the AUR’s Global World of Work Blog, an exclusive online careers resource for students and alumni of The American University of Rome.