There is a large range of diverse and fully inclusive clubs and activities at AUR. Some are faculty-led and some are student-led, but all are dynamic and fun and we encourage all new students to get involved in at least one of our extracurricular offerings. If there is a club or activity you'd like to see that we don’t currently have, come and set it up yourself. Student Life will be here to help.


Archaeology and Classics Club

Join fellow archaeology enthusiasts for trips and visits to archeological sites. Sharing information on archaeological interests, techniques, and excavations.

Arts Club

Creating a safe space in which students can express themselves through art and meet other creative-minded individuals. We aim to bring together those with a shared interest in Fine Arts and Art History and explore Rome’s art scene through museum meetups, gallery walks, and group studio events.

AUR Volunteers

Offering the AUR community opportunities to meet and integrate with locals and fellow expats/migrants via participation in locally based efforts to effect positive change.

Business Club

The Business Club's mission is threefold – social (have fun with like-minded students), functional (learn about business) and service (give back to the AUR community).



Diversity Club

Providing a space for all cultures and experiences within the student body, and enabling expression through platforms that celebrate cultural difference and holidays.


Mission: To bring theater to AUR as well as sharing knowledge and building trust on stage.


Through a variety of literary-focused events, the EWLP club provides a fun and accepting environment for creative activities for all levels. The club allows students to explore and develop their curiosity of writing and literature.

Game Club

We play tabletop games, online games, card games, and everything in between. No prior experience necessary, everybody welcome, fun-time guaranteed.



International Relations Club

Mission: To provide a space for all students interested in international relations to connect with one another, expand their knowledge, and further explore their interests through the organization of events and activities.


Bringing together the LGBTQ+ community and their allies in a positive and non-judgmental environment where they can fully express their indviduality and shared experiences while promoting tolerance and acceptance.

Media Club

Aiming to support and nurture the creative talents of our students by facilitating the creation of fundraisers, field-trips, and media-related events throughout Rome.

Student Government

The AURSG exists to serve, represent and advocate for the AUR student body. If you have any issues with life at AUR, if you want to make change happen, we're here to help.



The Amazing Grace Gospel Choir

Led by the outstanding Professor Timothy Martin, the choir offers a great way to integrate with local Italians and is open to any AUR student who would like to join.

Women of Color United

Aims to unite and empower women of color through dialogue and discussion in order to create solutions to social justice issues that are negatively impacting our community. All women of color and allies are welcome.