Students first meet the ResGrads at the airport, where they help meet and greet students arriving in Rome. Also during Arrivals week, they lead neighborhood tours for students in housing, as well as their popular “Rome Walk”, a practical tour showing students how to navigate Rome.  All their events offer the opportunity to meet other students.  Throughout the rest of the semester, they host events such as Beach Days, Cooking Lessons (free and with supper, of course!), English Movie Night, Language Exchange, Rome Walks, Rome Day Trips, DVD Night, Salsa Lessons, Aperitivo Night, and so on.  ResGrad events are advertised in MyAUR and in the ResGrads Facebook page as well as on the ResGrad and electronic bulletin boards on campus.

ResGrads are recent graduates and current students who have been in Rome for several years; their events are peer-based.  On occasion they’ll host a special cooking lesson that will offer students an informal environment where they can chat with their visiting Dean or Study Abroad Advisor.

You might also meet the ResGrads when they knock on your door to say, “Shhh! it’s after Italian quiet hours!”

Previous ResGrads have said about their experience:

“I currently am directing a study abroad program with over 100 students! I think my growth and professional development was greatly influenced by my experiences as a ResGrad.”

“The ResGrad program strongly reinforced my sense of professional responsibility in and outside of my work schedule.”

“The RA position couldn’t have come to me at a more appropriate time in my life. With my experience working with students, it further created a stronger CV when applying for jobs in the study abroad field. I greatly appreciate the amount of faith and trust given to me from my mentors.”

To find out about their activities, join them on Facebook or email at

Would you Like to Be a ResGrad?

Have you ever thought of being an AUR ResGrad?  Would you like to work in exchange for your AUR housing, all utilities and amenities included?

Responsible, sociable and creative AUR matriculating students who are interested in joining the ResGrad Program should send their CV and a brief statement describing how they could be an asset to the Dean of Students Stefano Stoppaccioli at .

Careers that past ResGrads have moved on to have included the fields of Study Abroad, Student Life, University Recruitment and Event Organization.