What is it?

Participating student visitors will shadow an AUR student as they go about their normal day. As a guest, you will have the opportunity to experience what happens inside the classroom walls, hang out in the student lounge or in the garden and take a good look around the grounds of our historic campus.

When is it?

Students can participate in a morning or afternoon session from Mondays to Thursdays.

What will I need to bring?

Just bring yourself! If you’re the type who takes notes as you go along, bring a notepad and pen too.

What about my parents, should they come too?

As this program is designed solely for students, we invite any attendant parents to explore the Janiculum or the nearby Trastevere area (where they can get a great cup of coffee or a wonderful lunch).

What about my school? I’m supposed to be in class on those days.

We can help with this. The American University of Rome will provide a letter for your school explaining the reason for your absence before you attend.

How do I sign up?

Simple! Fill in the form below – we’ll take it from there.

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Please note: Shadow A student visits are only available between Monday and Thursday - we do not have a full class schedule on Fridays.

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