The Mission of the Center for Food Studies

  • To provide a forum in English for intercultural and interdisciplinary exchanges, debates, and food-related projects.
  • To promote and advance research in food-related topics within the University and with other research networks, including the Rome-based U.N. and CGIAR international organizations, the European Food Safety Authority, and the active civic food networks.
  • To promote and share teaching and experiential learning in the interdisciplinary topic of food within AUR and with other universities and research centers worldwide.
  • To foster internships with organizations involved in food.
  • To encourage contacts and cooperation with the non-profit sector, businesses, and public sector institutions.
  • To offer an affiliation opportunity for Visiting Scholars.

Professor Maria Grazia Quieti, Center Coordinator and Director of the Master in Food Studies

Scientific Board:
Professor Valerie Higgins, Director of the Master in Cultural Heritage: Sustainability & Community
Professor Antonio Marchesi, Director of the Master in Peace Studies & Conflict Resolution
Professor Laura Prota, Interim Coordinator of the Business Administration Program
Professor Anna Sasso, Coordinator of the Travel and Tourism Management Program
Professor Elizabeth Wueste, Director of the Archaeology and Classics Program