The American University of Rome (AUR) is licensed by the Delaware Department of Education (DDOE) and is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) in the United States. It is incorporated in Washington, D.C. and is authorized to operate as an American university in Italy by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR).

Statement of Comparability and Statement of Verification

Students who graduate with an AUR degree and intend to either work in Italy or continue their studies at an Italian university may need to provide a Statement of Comparability and/or a Statement of Verification, issued by CIMEA. The student needs to verify with the University to which he/she is applying, if they require a Statement of Comparability or a Statement of Verification.

  • The Statement of Comparability is a document containing the information relating to the qualification, such as the recognition/accreditation of the institution that issued it in the country of origin and the level of the qualification according to the Bologna Process and the European Qualifications Framework, in addition to the specifications of the comparability of the degree, the nature of the course (academic or professional) and any other useful element to let it be evaluated by the competent bodies in the different national systems. The Statement of Comparability has the mere function of non-binding opinion and does not verify or certify the authenticity of the qualification on which the assessment is based.
  • The Statement of Verification is a document showing the main information related to your qualification, as well as the certification of the verification of the authenticity of the qualification performed by CIMEA experts. The term Verification of authenticity means any action performed by CIMEA in order to receive information on the actual award of a qualification by the institution of reference. The Statement of Verification does not verify or certify the comparability of the qualification in any national system.

CIMEA is the official Italian centre within the NARIC - National Academic Recognition Information Centres – network of the European Union and the ENIC - European National Information Centres – network of the European Council and of UNESCO.
Since 1984, CIMEA - Information Centre on Academic Mobility and Equivalence has been engaged in the field of information and consulting services relating to the procedures for the recognition of academic qualifications and to issues relating to Italian and international higher education and training.

Although most Italian Universities will ask for a Statement of Comparability and/or Verification, some Universities may still require the ‘Dichiarazione di Valore’ (Value Declaration):

The ‘Dichiarazione di Valore’ (Declaration of Value) is a document issued by an Italian Consulate General with jurisdiction over the document, used by Italian institutions to compare the value of a degree that is obtained in a non-Italian educational system. Requesting this document is a lengthy process including obtaining an apostille, translating all of the apostille documents and all individual course descriptions listed on the transcript, before submitting all to the consulate for recognition that the documents were official. The final decision as to whether the foreign degree will be accepted is determined the Italian institution.

How to obtain the Statements using the Diplome service

The American University of Rome has signed an agreement with CIMEA, allowing students to request these Statements through their «Diplome» service. Thanks to the Diplome blockchain-based platform, CIMEA will issue the required Statement of Comparability and/or Statement of Verification directly in the applicant’s digital wallet. This qualification management system is decentralized, transparent, certified and unchangeable, with the scope of making it progressively easier for a student, a graduate or a professional to enroll in a foreign university or enter the labour market in a foreign country.
To create your Diplome account go to:
Make sure you complete the full registration procedure to access the dedicated Information Request service, allowing you to contact a CIMEA expert directly and to submit the request for a Statement of Comparability and/or Statement of Verification.
The service fees are € 150 for the Statement of Comparability and € 65 for the Statement of Verification.
Further questions can be addressed to CIMEA directly though their Information request service.