The American University of Rome’s dedicated financial aid office guides students as they consider how they will finance tuition, fees, books & supplies, room & board, and transportation.



AUR offers Scholarships based on merit, financial need and/or demographics. We also accept external scholarships that students have obtained from other sources.


AUR runs a Student Training Program for those returning resident students who have already completed a minimum of one semester with AUR. Students who participate in this program receive training in various areas of the University in exchange for partial remission of fees and tuition or tuition reimbursement if tuition has been paid in full.


The American University of Rome participates in US Title IV Direct Lending, to cover the estimated cost of attendance. Our financial aid department is dedicated in guiding students and parents through the process of applying, disbursing and managing these loans.


Veteran Benefits may also be utilized at The American University of Rome. We have degree programs (within the Associate of Applied Arts, Associate of Arts, Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees) that are listed as approved training for eligible U.S. citizens at the Department of Veterans Affairs

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Financial Aid Office on The Financial Aid Office at the American University of Rome is found in building A, second floor, room 224 in the Enrollment Service Department. Our trained staff will guide you through any process for which you have questions.