There’s a lot to do between now and your first day at AUR, and the Admissions Team is here to help you every step of the way. This guide is a starting point, you'll find many more resources on the MyAUR portal which will help you make a smooth transition to AUR.


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The first step to embarking on your AUR journey is to submit the enrollment confirmation form and pay the non-refundable $/€500 tuition deposit.

Enrollment Confirmation Form

US and Canadian citizens must pay in USD whereas all other citizens pay in EURO. Dual US citizens may choose between USD and EURO unless US federal loans will be used. The deposit will be credited to your AUR account and deducted from your tuition fee after course registration.

Payment Methods

Once the enrollment confirmation form and tuition deposit have been received, you can apply for AUR housing and your Italian student visa.

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1. Accept your Financial Aid award(s)
2. Confirm your U.S. Federal Loan(s)
3. Make Tuition & Housing payments


Accepting your AUR Financial Aid Award(s)

Watch this video for step-by-step instructions on accepting your AUR financial aid awards.

If you haven't applied yet for Institutional Financial Aid, Need-Based scholarship applications remain open to all new, incoming degree-seeking students until April 1. There are also several affiliation scholarships. For more information and deadlines, click here.


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How to Apply & Confirm your US Federal Loan(s)

US Citizens and Permanent Residents can apply to the Federal Direct Loan Program. The deadline to complete the student loan process is July 15.

  1. Complete your FAFSA with AUR school code: G31025.
  2. Receive your loan package from
  3. Schedule a call with Financial Aid
  4. Send your signed loan package to
  5. Complete the MANDATORY Entrance Counseling to understand the loan terms and conditions, your rights and responsibilities as well as learn about interest, repayment options, and how to avoid delinquency and default.
  6. Complete your MPN (Master Promissory Note) which is your agreement with the government to borrow the Direct Subsidized and/or Unsubsidized loans.
  7. For Sallie Mae private loans, complete the application on the Sallie Mae website.
  8. For Parent PLUS Loan, your parents must submit a PLUS Loan Application, which is a credit check and requires their own ID, as well as complete a PLUS MPN (Master Promissory Note), which is their agreement with the government to borrow the Direct Parent PLUS Loan.


VA Students & Using Your VA Benefits

Once you have officially confirmed your enrollment at AUR, follow these steps so Financial Aid can report your enrollment directly to the VA

  1. Send your Certificate of Eligibility to
  2. Communicate the first 5 digits of your SSN to the Financial Aid Office via any of our contact methods

Important to note: The Housing Stipend will be retroactive and pro-rated to the number of days you are enrolled per month, so make sure you are able to cover your first month of living costs independently which will be reimbursed later in the academic year.
Find out how much you are eligible to receive here.


Tuition & Housing Payments

After submitting the 500 USD/EURO tuition deposit, you will receive a billing statement from the Finance Office via email. If you intend to stay in AUR Housing, submit the housing form in order to be billed for housing. Please note that tuition and housing are paid by semester at AUR following these deadlines

  • July 15: Full Tuition Payment Deadline
  • June 30: Housing Payment Deadline

Housing Refund Policy

  • One month before housing deadline: 100% refund
  • 30 days after housing deadline and 15 days before class start day: 50% refund
  • 14 days before class start day: No Refund


Payment methods

Please note that if the payment is not received in full by the payment deadline, your My AUR account is placed on hold. Course registration and/or changes to courses are blocked until payment is received in full.

Paying with U.S. Federal or Private Funding

Fees for students with US federal loans, GI Bill, or private loans are automatically postponed and are not subject to the regular deadline.

Deferments are issued based on the expectations that fees will be paid by US federal loans/GI Bill/private loans. This deferment protects your enrolled classes from cancellation and defers required payment of your fees until US federal loans/GI Bill/private loan disbursement is received.

Fee deferments are only temporary credits and do not relieve you of the obligation to pay. Deferments made in anticipation of US federal loans/GI Bill/private loan are not promises of aid; if you do not complete the financial aid process, fail to meet the criteria of the Financial Aid Department, or are to be found ineligible, you will be responsible for paying the full amount by the payment deadline.

When US federal loans/GI Bill/private loans are disbursed, you will receive a notification by email detailing the disbursements by type and amount. Within 3 days after the disbursement, you will receive another email with your ledger attached, where you can view charges (tuition, new student fee, payments, and loans). If your student account has an amount that exceeds University charges, you will be asked to provide bank information to transfer the refund.