The American University of Rome is a direct transfer partner of Verto Education. AUR offers admission to Verto participants who meet our outlined eligibility requirements. This unique opportunity provides a global, transformative learning experience designed to help you begin your college journey on a high note.


During your Verto experience, you’ll need to fulfill the following minimum requirements to gain transfer admission at AUR through our Direct Transfer Guarantee.

  • 2.8 GPA 
  • 1 semester 
  • 12 credits.


What programs are not covered by the Direct Transfer Guarantee?
The Fine Arts Program is not included in the Direct Transfer Guarantee, however, students are still encouraged to apply through the free Verto Partner Application for holistic review. These applicants must also submit a portfolio as part of their application. You can find information on the portfolio requirements here.


What if I have taken college coursework between graduating high school and starting at Verto?
You would still be eligible for the Direct Transfer Guarantee to AUR! The GPA requirements would be for your cumulative GPA from all college-level work (not including any Dual Enrollment).

"Students who succeed at Verto will thrive in AUR's multinational, multicultural environment. Situated in the heart of Rome, we are home to students from over 50 countries and our classrooms feature a dynamic tapestry of cultures, traditions, and backgrounds that enrich every student's experience."

Scott Sprenger President of AUR


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About Verto Education


Verto transforms access to higher education through a coming-of-age first-year experience.

Verto Education was founded to make travel the path of least resistance to a college education. They believe in inclusion, transparency, access, equity, and, above all, the power of travel to foster empathy and kindness across cultures.

Verto Education helps participants discover themselves and the world by making education abroad a foundational and accessible part of their college plan.

With Verto and their academic provider, the University of New Haven, students can begin college with a study abroad experience while having the option to gain admission to Verto’s 60+ partner colleges.


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Verto participants walk away with much more than incredible memories and transferable credits; they gain the confidence, self-awareness, and global perspective needed to thrive in college and life.

The Verto Experience fosters self-discovery through mentorship and the Verto Discovery Programming. Workshops, excursions, and cultural immersion programming help students understand who they are and what they want from their university career.

Verto Education offers first-year experiences in some of the world’s best places to study abroad across Europe and South America, including Argentina, Czech Republic, England, Italy, and Spain.

You can find out more about Verto Education here.