The American University of Rome is pleased to announce a partnership with Umanism and 369 Gradi to help bring the Italian and American Playwrights Project (IAPP) to Rome. Establishing institutional and cultural links across the Atlantic, the Project fosters an exchange between contemporary Italian and American playwrights by bringing together authors, producers, and audiences and supporting theatrical performances that cultivates an open dialogue between artists in Italy and the United States.

Developed first by Valeria Orani in 2015-17 as the Italian Playwrights Project, in collaboration with the Martin E. Segal Center at CUNY, the initiative began by introducing select contemporary Italian plays to American audiences. The Project engages the entire process, from translation to performance, and eventually leads to the publication of the translated texts.

The American University of Rome is proud to partner with Orani in The American Playwrights Project, the new sister initiative that completes the cultural exchange by bringing contemporary American drama to Italy. Three plays by American writers are currently being selected, extracts of which will be translated and performed  on December 14, during a mise-en-space event at the Teatro Vascello, in Via Giacinto Carini, 78, just a short walk from AUR’s campus.

The event, which will begin at 6pm, will include readings, a panel discussion, and an encounter with the authors. Students, faculty, friends of AUR, and theater aficionados are warmly invited to attend.

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