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Amy Coney Barrett's nomination to the US Supreme Court came as little surprise. The long-term academic, appeals court judge and mother of seven was the hot favourite for the Supreme Court seat. Donald Trump - who as sitting president gets to select nominees - reportedly once said he was "saving her" for this moment: when elderly Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died and a vacancy on the nine-member court arose. It took the president just over a week to fast-track the 48-year-old conservative intellectual into the wings, and after a four-day confirmation hearing in the Senate she was confirmed by 52 votes to 48, one week short of the presidential election. In prepared remarks released ahead of the hearings, Judge Barrett thanked Mr Trump for "entrusting me with this profound responsibility", which she called the "honour of a lifetime".

Marcia Coyle
Chief Washington Correspondent for The National Law Journal covering the U.S. Supreme Court and national legal issues

Antonio Marchesi 
Associate professor of International Law, University of Teramo (Italy); Adjunct Professor of International Law of War and Peace & International Human Rights at The American University of Rome; Former President, Amnesty International Italy

Irene Caratelli 
Director of the International Relations & Global Politics program at The American University of Rome

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