Bronwyn graduated from AUR in (gasp, ’07) with a degree in Business Administration and a minor in Writing. One advertising class and a fateful guest lecture later and Bronwyn knew that advertising was the path for her. She immediately enrolled in a portfolio school to hone her craft and develop skills for her dream career. Ten years later, she is a Creative Lead in an advertising agency in London where she spends her days making everything from TV ads to radio spots to YouTube ads you’ll try to click out of. Her clients range from hair care to homeware to biscuits and more. Bronwyn is still in shock she gets paid to do what she does.


Curious about life after AUR? So was I after graduating in 2007 with a dream of working in advertising and a very rough plan on how to get there after four years of glorious existence in Rome. Over a decade later I’m happy to report back from a career of making ads. In this lecture (that I prefer to think of as an informal monologue), I’ll talk about how I went from drinking copious amounts of coffee at the Archi Bar to creating ads for some of the world’s biggest brands. I’ll share some work before opening the floor to questions. This lecture is open to anyone -  whether you’re interested in working in advertising or simply want to ask me what I think about Brexit, which football team I supported in Rome and which professor I thought was the scariest at AUR.

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