The Community Heritage of San Saba - an exhibition
7th December 2021, 7.30- 9 pm.
St Stephen’s School in Rome, 
Via Aventina, 3, 00153 Roma RM

The neighborhood of San Saba lies in the centre of the modern city of Rome, yet it preserves an isolated, almost rural, atmosphere that is quite distinct from the bustle of the city that surrounds it. The unique ambience of this area has been captured in the community heritage project carried by undergraduate and graduate students from The American University of Rome in fall 2021. The area includes the site of the Aventinus Minor Archaeology Project which began in the summer of 2021, carried out jointly by the Archaeology and Classics Department of The American University of Rome and St Stephen’s School. 

This exhibition will focus on the community that lives in San Saba, their interaction with their heritage, in particular the church of San Saba and the early 20th century social housing projects that transformed the area. As the city of Rome evolves, this area faces unique challenges in retaining its distinctive identity and sense of community. Physically located in the center of the city, yet at the same time set apart due to its history, this area, like many other historical cities in Europe, has to adapt to a new reality and attempt to retain its traditions in the face of changing social patterns and economic forces. This exhibition attempts to capture this moment in time through spatial survey, informal interviews with the local community, on-site observations, and literature study.


San Saba Religion
San Saba Housing
San Saba Leisure


The exhibition focuses on the 3 significant aspects of the neighbourhood related to the creation of community:

  1. Religion
  2. Living
  3. Leisure

"The proximity of the Aurelian Walls and of the church of S. Saba, suggests the adoption of traditional materials such as masonry brick, travertine, tufa, raw plaster, helping to create a design language that is fully integrated into the area”
(Giorgio Muratore) 

The exhibition will be held at St Stephen’s School, Via Aventina, 3, 00153 Roma.
St Stephen’s partners with The American University of Rome in the Aventinus Minor Archaeology Project and it is located adjacent to the area of San Saba. Due to covid safeguards visitors are required to register (see below) and will be required to show a covid pass at the door.