Few had a greater impact on their generation than Eleanor Roosevelt. She was what she professed to be: a person not afraid of criticism, willing to take responsibility and lead by example.

Eleanor Roosevelt's life was filled with moments of sacrifice, pain, courage, astuteness, kindness, empathy, and remarkable emotional intelligence. In The Extraordinary Leadership of Eleanor RooseveltWhy it Matters Today, bestselling author Emilio Iodice discusses her life, her amazing leadership secrets and skills, and how she dealt with enormous challenges as a person, a human being, an American First Lady, and a woman who grew up in an age of prejudice and discrimination. He illustrates why Eleanor is an important and meaningful guide for a new generation in the 21st Century, dominated by social media, political upheavals, and lightning-speed technological changes that are altering fundamental concepts of life and liberty.

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About the author
Emilio Iodice is an award-winning author, presidential historian, educator, executive, decorated American diplomat, and professor. He is the author of the bestselling A Kid from Philadelphia, Mario Lanza: The Voice of the Poets, The Commander in Chief, and Liberation among many others.

Professor Iodice spent over three decades as a senior executive in the public and private sectors, as an educator, and as a university administrator. Those thirty years of experience include being a key official in Washington, working for several Administrations, and reaching the top ranks of the civil service and the diplomatic corps.

He remains among the most decorated officers in American history with a gold medal for heroism, a gold medal and silver medal for exemplary service, nominations for the Bronze Medal, and numerous commendations and
citations.  He served as Minister in key US missions abroad, including Brasilia, Mexico City, Rome, Madrid, and Paris, and departed after being named to the list of future Ambassadors.

Among his honors are being knighted by the former king of Italy. He has received Medals of Honor from Spain and Italy.  At age 33, he was named by the President of the United States to the prestigious Senior Executive Service as a Charter Member.  He was the youngest career public official to reach this distinction.

After the Foreign Service, he was named Vice President of Lucent Technologies in charge of operations in numerous countries and later taught full-time ta Trinity College in Washington, DC.

In 2007, he was named Director and Professor of Leadership of the John Felice Rome Center (JFRC) of Loyola University Chicago.  He served as Director until 2016. 

Professor Iodice sits on the Boards of Marymount International School and Istituto Marymount in Rome, Italy.  He is a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Values Based Leadership and is a regular contributor to articles and editorials.
In Italian, he writes regularly for Ponza Racconta which is a web site for the island of Ponza in Italy, the hometown of Professor Iodice’s parents and grandparents.

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