Megan Carney, Associate Professor in the School of Anthropology, Director of the Center for Regional Food Studies at the University of Arizona and currently a Fulbright Scholar with the Fulbright Schuman European Union Affairs Program.  

Megan is a sociocultural and critical medical feminist anthropologist with specializations in global human displacement and migration, the intersections of food and migration, migrant health, social reproduction and the politics of (collective) care, and the affective dimensions of state-sanctioned violence and economic restructuring. Her fieldwork is focused in the western United States and in Italy, specifically Sicily.

Megan Carney will talk about her explorations of how our contemporary diets and relationship(s) with food and agriculture have been shaped by the longue durée of human migrations, patterns of settlement, and shifting forms of political organization. 

From there, she interrogates how today's global human displacement, worsened by proliferating food and climate crises, traces to structural inequalities perpetuated by and constituted through ongoing processes of genocidal settler colonialism, racial capitalism, (neo)colonization, slavery and its afterlives, dispossession, border imperialism, and the global-industrial food system.  She argues that in order to confront the immediate realities of climate change, we must reconcile with this broad swath of oppressive conditions and histories, and explore, assess, and imagine life-affirming alternatives that optimize social and environmental justice and human flourishing.

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