Nozheen Murad is an AUR alum (class of 2020) who is now employed at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) on the UN Food Systems Coordination Hub staff.

Discussing FAO's mandate, Nozheen will describe her work with the Office of Sustainable Development Goals and how it contributes to driving a dynamic transformation of food systems. Through innovative strategies and collaborative initiatives, FAO is reshaping agriculture to align with sustainability principles, striving to achieve crucial Sustainable Development Goals such as ending hunger and ensuring global food security. Its efforts are transforming the world's food landscape for a more sustainable and equitable future.

About Nozheen

Nozheen Murad is from Iraqi Kurdistan and graduated from AUR with a degree in International Relations and Global Politics in 2020.

During her studies, Nozheen dedicated her time to humanitarian work with the UNHCR in Iraq, focusing on enhancing the resilience of internally displaced persons (IDPs) and refugees against food insecurity. Following her bachelor's, she completed a Joint Degree Program in International Security Studies at Scuola Superiore Sant Anna and the University of Trento. She then worked for CDO, a non-profit organization empowering marginalized refugee women in Iraq. Subsequently, she served as a Junior Intelligence Analyst at a maritime security company.

Nozheen works at the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization in the UN Food Systems Coordination Hub. Their mission is to support countries in achieving sustainable food systems by 2030, leveraging the UN system's capacities. Nozhen's commitment revolves around empowering vulnerable communities and enhancing their food production to drive positive change in the transformation of the food system.

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