Christiane Lemke is a professor of international relations and European studies at Leibniz University Hannover. Her research interests include the creation of norms and customs in global governance. Lemke earned her Ph.D. in Philosophy at the Freie Universität Berlin. She was a John F. Kennedy Memorial Fellow at CES in 1983 and a Visiting Krupp Chair in the Department of Government at Harvard University.

Lemke was the first woman in Germany to serve as the director of the state parliament in Lower Saxony.

In her early work, Lemke studied East Germany, including the developments leading up to the fall of the Wall. Together with Gary Marks, she wrote “The Crisis of Socialism in Europe” (Duke University Press, 1991), reflecting upon the sweeping changes brought about by the collapse of communism. Subsequently, she devoted her work to the democratic transformation of East Central European countries, the integration of Europe, citizenship, and the enlargement of the European Union.

She is the author of Internationale Beziehungen. Grundkonzepte, Theorien und Problemfelder (4th edition, de Gruyter Oldenbourg, 2018) and Germany Today. Politics and Policies in a Changing World (with Helga Welsh, Rowman, and Littlefield, 2018). She also published several articles on the European Union and edited the series Europe as a Political Space (LIT Verlag) with publications on human rights and migration in Europe and European common defense and security policy including 'A Case Study of the Alternative for Germany,' German Politics and Society, Special Issue on the Alternative for Germany, ed. by Eric Langenbacher, Issue 134, Vol. 38, No. 2, Summer 2020, pp. 90-108, 'The Battle for the White House. The US Presidential Elections 2020,' (Springer VS 2023; with Jakob Wiedekind), and 'Finding Common Ground in Uncertain Times. Assessing the Prospect of Multilateralism in Transatlantic Climate Change Policy.' Journal of Transatlantic Studies, 1/2023.

She has also published articles and books on transatlantic relations, US politics, and US elections. She is a frequent commentator on German radio and TV, including Phoenix TV, ARD and ZDF as well as in international news media.

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