You are invited to an exhibition curated by the graduate students of Sustainable Cultural Heritage at the Auriana Auditorium (via Pietro Roselli 16), The American University of Rome on 6th December, 6.30-8pm.

‘Voices from the Casilina’ explores the cultural heritage of a densely populated outer suburb of Rome through the eyes of its current residents. Positioned over the Roman via Labicana the area contains the impressive remains of the aqueduct of the Aqua Alessandrina and the magnificently painted catacombs of St Peter and St Marcellinus.

However, for the residents of the area, it is the 100-year-old tram line which is their lifeline, shuttling them back and forth from Porta Maggiore.

The exhibition is prepared in collaboration with Casa Scalabrini 634, a home for refugees and migrants, whose mission is the integration of immigrants with the local community and the promotion of intercultural communication. The contributions of the Casa Scalabrini 634 community allow us to see familiar monuments in new ways and to understand the difficult and dangerous journeys that have been taken to arrive here.

We are privileged also to be able to include in this exhibition sculptures and drawings by the Nigerian artist, Fasasi.

You can view the exhibition catalog here.