BA, Classical Languages. University of California - California, USA
PhD, Classical Art and Archaeology, Yale University - Connecticut, USA


Teaching activity at AUR

  • CL 208 Love and Laughter in Ancient Literature (Fall 2016)
  • CLHS 205 Rome: Republic and Empire (Spring 2017)
  • HSSO 312 Mussolini’s Rome (Spring 2017)

Publications and Works

- Roman Archaeology under Italian Fascism. Contracted with Routledge (anticipated publication 2017).

Articles and Book Chapters
- “Sawdust Caesars: Roman Leadership in 20th-century Europe” in The Blackwell Companion to Ancient Leadership edited by S. Ferrario and N. Sandridge (contracted with Wiley-Blackwell; anticipated publication 2018).
- “The Mirror Crack’d: The Pre-Raphaelites, Victorian Illustration, and the Fractured Classicism of Modern Fantasy.” in Classical Traditions in Modern Fantasy edited by B. Rogers and B. Stevens, Oxford University Press (forthcoming in 2016).
- “A Giant Corrupt Body: The Gendering of Renaissance Roma.” in Receptions of Antiquity, Constructions of Gender in European Art 1300-1600, edited by A. Poe and M. Rose, Brill Metaforms (June 2015).
- “Ideological Applications: Roman Architecture and Fascist Romanità.” in The Blackwell Companion to Roman Architecture edited by C. Quenemoen and R. Ulrich (January 2014).
- “Et domus et collegium: Ostia’s ‘Domus del Tempio Rotondo’ Reconsidered.” in C. Mattusch and A. Donohue eds. Proceedings of the XVIth International Congress of Classical Archaeology, Boston, August 23-26, 2003. Oxford: Oxbow Books (2006) 326-330.
- “Myth as consolatio: Medea on Roman Sarcophagi.” Greece & Rome 51.2 (October 2004) 217-250.

Expert Consultant On...

  • Roman Archaeology
  • Roman Social History
  • Classical Literature
  • Classical Reception
  • History of Archaeology