MFA in Painting, Accademia di Belle Arti, Roma - Rome, Italy
MA in Educational Studies at the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium. Master's thesis on Didactics applied to Art and Training of Art Teachers in Europe.


Born in Belgium, I decided to come and study art in Rome.  I was mostly attracted to the colors here, I loved the many layers of art and history …  you encounter an artistic miracle everywhere, getting a feeling of eternity.  The present movement of contemporary art in Rome allows for a juxtaposition of past influences and ideas projected towards the future,  giving a deeper perspective to artistic research.

Why choose AUR?

AUR offers a stimulating learning environment focused on the individual needs of each student which matches my style of teaching.  Every art student brings in a unique universe which I help to nurture and cultivate.  My work merges many media, so we can explore all kinds of techniques and artistic languages.  I’m looking forward to help you develop your own artistic expression.


Professor De Neve was born in Lokeren, Belgium and has been living in Rome since 1988. In Belgium she pursued a Masters in Educational Sciences and specialized in Art Education.  In Rome she obtained a Masters in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts.  Hence, from the very beginning, art and education were the two interests to which she devoted her passion and expertise. These two sectors have been merging progressively.

Kristien De Neve avoids the purely decorative and devotes her work almost entirely to communication problems. She composes from the viewpoint of the public’s emotions and pulsations and exponentially nudges the viewer into participating in the process. Since the 90s she has exhibited videos and installations in many shows and festivals in Italy and Belgium.  These artistic interventions are multimedia, but do not neglect traditional techniques like painting, which she never really abandons.

She teaches at the Academy of Fashion and the Academy of Fine Arts of Perugia as well as in other contexts, where she offers her personal vision on the use of art for individual and social growth. From 2008 she dedicated herself once again to daily artistic research, choosing bee wax, crystal and mirrors as her main linguistic vectors. In 2009 she developed large scale triptychs. From 2012 on she has been working on projects involving large scale sculpture and installations in public spaces. Her outdoor installations often use fabrics that become like second skins which are exposed to the elements and are therefore also temporary, flowing and moving.

From 2014 until 2018 she elaborated an important trilogy around the theme “The missing object” in three locations, each with strong symbolic power and rooted in a profound feeling of beauty: at the Academia Belgica in Valle Giulia in Rome, in the “Cortile del Tempio di Apollo in Circo” close to Theater of Marcellus in the historical centrum of Rome, and finally in her native city of Lokeren, Belgium, at the Museum “en plein air” “Park ter Beuken”.  In 2018 she wrote a project for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome, MACRO, which focuses on the desire and the difficulties of living together. For the duration of April 2019, she realized this project by setting up of a fluid installation (work in progress) and a rich program in collaboration with artists, performers, AUR students and the public.

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