Adjunct faculty
Dottore in Humanities (Lettere e Filosofia) cum laude, University of Naples Federico II
Project Professor, Project Professor, Asian Platform for Global Sustainability & Transcultural Studies, Kyoto University, Japan
Former Associate Professor of Agriculture Economics at the University of Naples Federico II – Naples


Maria Fonte has extensive experience in research and teaching on topics in the field of Rural Sociology and Agricultural Economics. Her research activities are focused on agriculture, agro-food systems and rural development, especially in industrial and post-industrial economies. She has been the coordinator of research projects involving several European countries and has served as member of the Scientific Committee of many conferences and of journals. Her publications are in the areas of the agro-biotechnological revolution, the turn to quality in agriculture, the role of local knowledge in agriculture and rural development, territorial policies of rural development, models of food consumption, civic food networks and local food. She is a member of the European Society for Rural Sociological (ESRS) and Founding member of the Association for Studies and Research Manlio Rossi-Doria.