MediaLab Internship

As an intern at MediaLab, I have gained a lot of knowledge about working in social media, event planning, and management skills, which in my opinion are assets to anyone entering the business world.

Since MediaLab is a small social media company, it was a big advantage for me because I got to work directly with my boss on a day-to-day basis. It also allowed me the freedom to voice my opinions, present my ideas, and actually get to develop them. I was given a lot of responsibilities, something that many interns don’t get the chance to have in bigger businesses. This allowed me to discover a lot about myself, about how I work, and how I express myself in the business world. From putting together taco Tuesday events and marketing on social media, to contacting different ambassadors to invite them to talk about Block Chain, I can easily say that this was a unique experience and from it I have learned a lot.

Anaelle Jerome