Spring semester 2019, ICCROM’s Sound and Image Collections Conservation (SOIMA) program was designated as the case study and project for the Heritage Fundraising class. Since digital heritage is an ongoing issue, students were tasked with developing a new fundraising plan and marketing pieces to revive the SOIMA initiative. Presentations of the plans were presented to ICCROM staff in March 2019, and it was requested that a student would consider being an intern for SOIMA that summer to continue work on this project.

During June and July, I interned in the Collections Unit at ICCROM. I assisted in creating a donor list, researching grants, initial copywriting and design for a donor concept note, and I developed a workable database of participants in past SOIMA workshops. The internship provided me insight to the inner workings of an intergovernmental organization as well as experience in the cultural heritage field. It was also great to have the opportunity to observe cultural heritage professionals who are passionate about their jobs. I am sure this experience will be beneficial in my pursuit of a career in preserving cultural heritage.