Melanie, M.A. Sustainable Cultural Heritage

Centro di Conservazione Archeologica, Italy
AUR grad students find going to the Centro di Conservazione Archeologica a unique experience on many levels. Beautiful and iconic works of antiquity have been brought back to life by Roberto Nardi’s award winning team and the location of the Centro in a renovated 13th century Franciscan monastery in the Apennine hills is stunning. The food is pretty good, too! Summer 2017 was Melanie Banks’ turn to experience life as an intern at the Centro:

“As an intern under the tutelage of Roberto Nardi at the CCA, I received first hand on-site experience in conservation practices. While working alongside the student program that CCA runs annually to train students entering the conservation field, I was able to further my interests in practicing conservation in the lab and in the field during a rewarding internship. The main goal for my internship project was to create a narrative on the summer program through student interviews and on-site work. In interviewing alumni of the program and working alongside the summer 2017 students on conservation projects, mosaic treatment and archaeological excavations, I learned first hand about their experiences, their future goals and their diverse educational backgrounds. With the goal of creating a website and developing fundraising campaigns and tools for student scholarships, I was able to further the goals of CCA in training future generations in cultural heritage preservation.”

intern under the tutelage of Roberto Nardi at the CCA

Interns under the tutelage of Roberto Nardi at the CCA