Lia, M.A. Sustainable Cultural Heritage

Santanoni Preserve, Adirondack State Forest, New York
I worked this summer from Early June to the end of August at Camp Santanoni and Santanoni Preserve in the Adirondack State Forest, located in Upstate New York. To get to work, I had to hike or bike 5 miles each way to the historic site.
I gave daily tours to the public of the historical interpretation of the 1893 Main Camp, a beautiful rustic home built with Japanese architectural influence, facing Newcomb Lake and Santanoni Mountain. I also worked with the two other interns on restoring windows from the 1919 Farm Manager's Cottage. We sanded, re-glazed, and painted the windows. We then attached them back to the house. 
Lastly, I planned an event at the site's farm complex, to engage children in the history of the site. We played I-Spy and made homemade ice cream as well as planted vegetables to take home. 
I received wonderful experience in not-for-profit historical architecture preservation working for Adirondack Architectural Heritage. I also gained experience in public land management working at a site owned by the Department of Environmental Conservation. 
I also used my experience for the writing of my Thesis, which focuses on the Western dominated narrative of heritage in the Adirondacks.