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Fall 2020's Student Art Show features work from multiple genres. Please come and take a look around our virtual gallery.

This ten-day intensive workshop will take place outside Rome near Carrara (Tuscany), the cradle of stone sculpture in Italy. 

This workshop carries 3 credits. These can be transferred to support your degree at your home university.

Commemorating the 10th anniversary of the passing of Professor Terry Rossi Kirk, professors Paul Gwynne and Timothy Allen spoke to an enthusiastic audience on topics that would have been near and dear to the interests of the late professor.

The three artists discuss the relationship between man and nature, highlighting aspects such as fragility, conservation, transcendence, reality and illusion in a succession of intimate dimensions that

On August 22nd, 2019, Professor Timothy Allen (B.A. Art History & B.A. Fine Art) had the privilege to present to the Rotary Club of Louisville his lecture on Caravaggio.

Students of Prof. Kristien De Neve will participate in her group installation Oltre (Beyond) at the Museo d'Arte Contemporanea di Roma, known as MACRO, which houses some of the most significant expressions of the Italian art scene since the 1960s.

Professor Paul Gwynne, Director of the B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies and B.A. Fine Art programs, has just returned from a presigious conference in Innsbruck where he presented a paper on 'Love and Heroism in Jesuit Epic: Refashioning Nisus and Euryalus'

New contemporary artworks by AUR Adjunct Professor in Fine Arts, Marina Buening, will be on exhibit at StudioTiEpolo 38 gallery, culture club and lounge bar, in Rome, from Sept. 21-Oct. 27. Free and open to the public.

The project was conceived and constructed by four artists of different nationalities, inspired by the challenges and fears that can emerge when sharing a common living space. Their work expresses their desire and need for a harmonious cohabitation. 

See photos below for a demonstration of the students’ creative talent in painting, print-making, ceramics and photography.

For the students, it was not only a chance to experience Fine Arts for the first time, but also Rome.