Born in Vermont, Cait is the youngest of three siblings and comes from a family of academics. Raised with a love of travel and an appreciation of different cultures, Cait has lived on three continents and has visited over 30 countries. She enjoys cooking, singing, and being outside.

Q. When were you happiest?

I’ve always been happiest when singing. In high school, I used to compete in regional choirs. Only the best vocalists from the districts could join. We’d spend 3 days rehearsing and then put on a concert for our families who would travel to see us perform. The feeling of being part of 100+ voices singing in beautiful harmony is one of the best things in the world.

Q. What is your computer and/or phone wallpaper?

My dog, Kalamata.

Q. What did you want to be when you were growing up?

The first thing I wanted to be was a professional jump-roper. Then I moved onto wanting to be a Broadway actress.


Q. What is the worst job you've ever done?

I worked as a cashier at my local grocery store when I was 15. Absolutely awful.

Q. If you weren’t an Admissions professional, what would you be?

Probably a restaurant manager or musician.

Q. Which word or phrase do you most overuse?


Q. What is the most important lesson that life has taught you?

You are allowed to change your mind.


Q. How do you relax?

A good movie and a glass of wine.


Q. If you could bring something extinct or a deceased historic figure back to life, what/who would it be?



Q. What trait do you most dislike in yourself?

I avoid conflict like the plague.

Q. What trait do you most dislike in others?


Q. What’s your guilty pleasure?

Sugar cereal.



Q. Tell us a secret

I’ve never been to Disney.