Over the last six years, AUR Professor Daria Borghese's dedicated efforts have transformed a mere concept into a full-fledged exhibition. Her vision is now coming to fruition with the opening of "d'Oro e Turchese: Le Ceramiche Borghese di Pratica di Mare" (Made of Gold and Turquoise: The Borghese Ceramics of Pratica di Mare). 


This meticulous assemblage required the deliberate integration of many elements—a challenge that Matilde Amaturi, the Director of the Casa Museo Boncompagni Ludovisi, enthusiastically supported in 2023.


Scheduled for its grand opening on Monday, March 25th, with public access commencing March 26th, the exhibition will continue through May 19th, 2024. This cultural event marks the centenary of the Pratica di Mare Artistic Ceramics Factory (1924-2024). It features approximately three hundred objects narrating the ceramic factory's history and the tale of its passionate founder, Maria Monroy, spouse of Prince Camillo Borghese of Vivaro.


The exhibit's pieces—lavish tableware in gold, silver, and turquoise, replicas of archaeological discoveries from ancient Lavinium, and whimsical animal figures—epitomize the Pratica di Mare manufactory's distinctiveness. Maria Monroy Borghese initiated this venture to foster employment for the disadvantaged in a region marred by economic hardship, pioneering apprenticeship programs for single mothers.


The story behind these ceramics is one of female empowerment, combining the ancient craft of pottery with the benevolence of Roman aristocracy and contemporary educational theories. Artistic direction by the Borghese princess herself, alongside successive production directors from Renzo Cellini to Francesco Caraglia, resulted in refined artifacts and innovative firing methods. Despite the factory's closure in 2011, long after the princess's passing in 1964, the ceramics produced continue to be a testament to the Roman and Lazio tradition.


The Casa Museo Boncompagni Ludovisi preserves and showcases a diverse collection featuring works from artists like Duilio Cambellotti to the Manifattura Tidei, the Randone Family's School of the Roman Walls, and Olga Modigliani. The exhibition catalog has received partial funding from The American University of Rome, underscoring its commitment to the arts and cultural heritage.


By weaving together these threads of artisanship, history, and social initiative, "d'Oro e Turchese" celebrates not only a centenary but also Maria Monroy Borghese's enduring legacy and vision for art and community.


Technical Data:

Exhibition curator
Daria Borghese

Exhibition design
Isabella Ciracì Altamura

Artemide Editioni

Catalog edited by
Daria Borghese 
with the collaboration of Anna Ruotolo

Minister of Culture, Gennaro Sangiuliano
Prof. Massimo Osanna

Introduction to the catalog
Barbara Jatta
Francesca Cappelletti

Texts by
Matilde Amaturo
Daria Borghese
Valentina Filamingo
Pier Paolo Pancotto
Luca Pesante
Anna Ruotolo

Giulio Archinà