Based on the Special Issue of the International Journal of Sociology of Food and Agriculture, produced as a result of the AUR Conference in 2019,  a diverse cohort of authors joined a trans-disciplinary conversation on how sustainable diets can help mitigate and adapt to climate change and how social sciences can contribute to the complex endeavor of changing production and consumption habits for transforming the food system. All authors presented their articles and opening and closing remarks were made by Colin Sage and Harriet Friedmann.      

You can view a recording of the webinar below.

To read the articles of the authors:

Balász, Bálint. Transitioning to legume-based agrifood systems.

Fodor, Kata. The hybridization of food spaces and prospects for sustainable diets.

Kenny, Tara. Surplus food redistribution and healthy, sustainable diets.

Lang, Tim  The Sustainable Diet Question.  Reasserting societal dynamics into the debate about a good diet  (not presented)

Mattioni, Dalia. Constructing a food retail environment that encourages healthy diets in cities.

Narciso, Alessandra. Making farm-to-fork front-of-the-pack: labelling a sustainable European diet.

Peveri, Valentina. Polycultures for radically sustainable food systems.

Rose, Diego. Livestock industry practices that impact sustainable diets in the United States.

Sage, Colin   Introduction.  Sustainable Food Systems Sustainable Diets