The American University of Rome proudly welcomed back alumnus Giammarco Caccese D’Andrea (BUS’20) for an enlightening session with a keen audience. Giammarco, who stepped into the professional realm amid the unprecedented circumstances of 2020, has since made his mark with NBCUniversal's marketing division in Italy.

In his detailed presentation, Giammarco highlighted the innovative marketing strategies that propelled the movie “Oppenheimer” to monumental success in the Italian market. He shared his direct experiences in orchestrating a campaign that defied traditional norms and aligned seamlessly with Italy’s cultural tapestry. The meticulous planning, which began a year before the film’s summer launch, involved strategic trailer rollouts, high-impact outdoor advertising, and in-cinema promotions, all carefully timed to coincide with the post-summer resurgence of cinema-goers.

Giammarco’s narrative walked us through the comprehensive structure of a campaign that led to “Oppenheimer” becoming NBCUniversal’s most successful release in Italy. He underscored the synergistic effect of classic marketing avenues intertwined with digital platforms that fostered user engagement and amplified the movie-going experience.

Closing his lecture, Giammarco reflected on the shifts in film consumption post-pandemic and the enduring relevance of delivering a cinematic spectacle. His accomplishments are a testament to the caliber of graduates AUR produces. We extend our gratitude to Giammarco for imparting his astute insights on contemporary film marketing.