Dr Antonio Marchesi, professor of International Law, gives a lecture on Migration: Borders Before People? 

Professor Marchesi presents a thorough analysis of the international and European legal framework regarding the rights and limits of border crossing. Beyond the legal dimension, professor Marchesi shows the complexity of the topic for the political and social implications and challenges.


Professor Marchesi teaches on the BA in International Relations & Global Politics program at AUR and has always combined teaching and research on international law in an academic environment with consultancies and human rights work for NGOs. He has been an active member of Amnesty International since 1977, and he is currently the Chair of Amnesty International Italy. He has been a staff member and consultant for the International Secretariat of Amnesty International, as well as a research delegate, trial observer, and member of delegations to international conferences, includign the Diplomatic Conference in 1998 which adopted the Statute of the International Criminal Court.

Professor Marchesi has also worked as an expert consultant for the European Parliament, the European Commission, the Council of Europe (the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture), the Mayor of Rome, and several Italian and international human rights NGOs.