EmoryEach semester, a host of U.S. study abroad students arrive at AUR’s beautiful Rome campus to experience Italian culture and enrich their studies. But the opposite is also true: full-time AUR students also study abroad, at some of the most prestigious universities in the world, and one of those is Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Best of all, our students can do it at no extra tuition cost, which is a real deal. Thanks to the Exchange, AUR students can enjoy all the benefits of being a full-time student there, at the cost of AUR’s tuition -- $12,000 per semester.

Currently enjoying their Fall semester abroad in Atlanta are AUR juniors Arianna De Angelis, Art History, and Rossella Legari, International Relations and Global Politics. Both were born in Italy.

“This program gives our top-performing students the opportunity to challenge themselves further by going to a highly competitive school in North America,” said AUR Professor Kathleen Fitzsimmons, who is the program director of Business Administration and initiated the Exchange with Emory in 2004. “It is arguably one of the most prestigious things that any student can do academically.”
These recent email-postcards from the students say it all:

Arianna De Angelis
enjoying a volunteer-internship
at the Michael C. Carlos Museum
on Emory’s campus

Dear Professor Fitzsimmons,
I'm having a great time here at Emory! I think so far my favorite classes are Strategic Management and Technical Art History. I'm learning so much in the first, and I get to handle museum items in the latter! 
I'm also doing a volunteer-internship at the Michael C. Carlos Museum on campus, helping with workshops and research. The program’s director, Katie Ericson, wants to give me tasks I could put on my CV so I'm very excited for that! I'm taking 2 seminars, one on Current Events and one on Leadership Management. No big travels planned so far, just a visit to my grandparents later this month and a trip to Tennessee to visit a friend for Thanksgiving. Maybe Chicago around Christmas, but nothing's set in stone.
All the best,

Dear Professor Fitzsimmons,
I hope this message finds you well. 
The classes are super interesting but Negotiation is my favorite!!
I did three midterms, one of them was pretty difficult, but now I understand the study method for that class so I hope I will not have further problems with it. 
For the fall break I am going on a cruise - Miami, Jamaica, Mexico, Bahamas.
I’ve attached some pictures, I hope you enjoy them. 
Best regards, 

Rossella Legari this fall at Emory, and using her break to extend her travels on that side of the Atlantic.

In order to qualify for the Exchange, AUR students must be on the Dean’s List, meaning they have completed the previous semester’s work with a grade point average of 3.50 or above on a 4.00 scale. The program is also competitive, with only a few slots available per semester. 

Emory, which was founded in 1836, is set on a city campus of 600+ acres with world class facilities and renowned faculty. It has close to 7,000 students and was ranked No. 21 in the 2019 Best Colleges in the USA by U.S. News & World Report.

AUR students are hosted by the university’s Goizueta School of Business, which partners with more than 45 of the most highly-ranked business schools and universities from around the world. Each year, over 100 international exchange students representing more than 25 countries are welcomed to Goizueta, one of the top undergraduate business programs in the US.

AUR Exchange students can take up to five courses during the semester, two of which must be among those offered by the business school. But even for students not majoring in business, this is never a problem, noted Fitzsimmons. Goizueta offers such a wide range of courses that students are always able to find something applicable to their major. For example, past AUR Exchangers majoring in Film and Digital Media took business courses in Marketing and Negotiation, adding valuable career skills. 

As stated by the Dean of the Goizueta School of Business: "Goizueta’s student experience goes beyond classroom-based knowledge by having you actively learn and execute the skills needed for lifelong career success. Our curriculum facilitates action-based learning experiences at every turn and within every program.  That intentional blend of theory and practice means you’ll go from learning into doing, the perfect segue to produce meaningful results.  Even further, our focus on your professional leadership skills means you’ll develop your talent to lead as your best self." 
For AUR students, it is one more way to prove, as our mission states, that they can “live and work across cultures.”