The Arts Management team is happy to announce the takeoff of their new blog Wunderkammer. The title was selected not just as a homage to the German definition (any place where a collection of curiosities and rarities is exhibited) but also to the “Cabinet of Curiosities”, a collecting phenomenon known as a predecessor of the modern museum; a topic the students studied their first week of classes. The word itself does not translate wholly to any other language, thus representing the role of the Arts Management professional, a career that, although with many facets, does not quite fit any other category.

The blog’s “About” page defines it as “a contemporary blog surrounding the extra-ordinary in the collection, exhibition and exploration of the Arts.” Students from the department created the project in order to have a place to publish interviews with curators, other art other professionals and artists, and to share pieces they enjoy and articles that touch upon all eras of art.

With the world of arts moving into the contemporary, new management professionals are eager to discover ways to incorporate technology and social media into their leading practices. AUR’s Master’s in Arts Management team of students is happy to move forward in the same direction, starting with the blogging project.

Author: Kelsey Connors

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