At this time, all students can plan to enter Italy for fall 2022 study without proof of Green Pass status.

Up until May 31st, 2022, the Green Pass requirements for entering Italy entailed:

  • Completion of vaccination cycle within the last 9 months; or
  • Covid booster; or
  • A negative rapid antigen swab or PCR test taken within 24 or 48, respectively, before entry to Italy; or
  • A certificate of recovery from covid in the last 6 months

AUR is bound to follow the official directives and regulations issued by the Italian authorities. Should any changes occur regarding new travel or vaccine requirements for entry to Italy, we will inform our community at the earliest opportunity. Please check our website periodically.

Mask-wearing on campus

The Italian government has issued updated regulations concerning mask-wearing. The new rules come into effect immediately and will be reviewed on September 30th, 2022. 

How will the updated regulations affect behavior at AUR? 

Due to the ongoing risk of contagion, we will continue to require mask wearing in all indoor spaces, classrooms, and offices throughout the AUR campus, until July 1, 2022. 

At that time, we will reassess the AUR community health situation. 

Further details of the updated regulations issued by the Italian authorities:

  • The use of masks is recommended in all public indoor spaces.
  • The use of the FFP2 masks remains mandatory on all public transportation (except air travel for which masks are not mandatory).
  • The use of masks is recommended (but not mandatory) in theatres, cinemas, and for all events that take place indoors.
  • Social distancing (one-meter minimum) remains highly recommended at all times.
  • In all private workplaces and with educational activities, the employer/administration may make an objective and non-speculative evaluation of the safety situation of the institution and, consequently, impose a mask requirement where infection risks remain high.

Thank you for continuing to keep our community safe through your actions on campus and in your daily life!